Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides help with the most common questions about First Choice Blinds.

1. What is the procedure for ordering my blinds?

We can come and measure your blinds for you show samples and give you a price.

2. Do all blinds come with a Warranty?

Yes all blinds have a 12 month warranty.

3. What is the maximum size blind I can have?

We do not recommend excessively sized blinds. Blinds up to 2400mm wide are no problem, although sometimes we make blinds up to 3000mm. For larger windows we sometimes recommend that two or three blinds are used depending on the type of the window.

4. Can I have more than 1 blind on a single operation?

Please contact us for details on this. You will need to discuss this with us.

5. Can I have two blinds on one window?

Please contact us for details on this but yes.

6. Do you have insurance?

Yes we are a fully insured company with an extra policy for work in schools/hospitals.

7. Can I order blinds and fit them myself?

Yes. But please note if you measure the blind wrong we cannot be held responsible.

8. Can we have a reverse roll on our blind?

Blinds can be fitted with the roller facing the room or the window. You need to specify this at the time of ordering.

9. How can I clean my blinds?

Our blinds are designed for easy maintenance – just wipe gently with a damp sponge.

10. What about child safety?

“Irish Standard I.S EN13120:2009 – Internal Blinds – Performance requirements including safety” is aimed at eliminating strangulation hazards to young children by blind cords. All blinds sold in Ireland must now meet the safety requirements of this standard.
Before purchasing a blind you should ask the following questions:
Is the blind manufactured to the Irish safety standard?
Is a warning notice attached?
Is a safety solution provided and fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?
Can the supplier demonstrate the product’s safe use?
The blind must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also we can do safety audits for those with existing blinds that have safety concerns for children. Any retrofit work required to make blinds safe will be charged at minimum cost in the interest of safety.