Motorised Roller Blinds Dublin

First Choice Blinds motorised roller blinds come equipped with a handy remote control, which lets you operate up to five different blinds from just one remote. This control allows you to choose exactly how much light you wish to let into a room, as well as set up a top and bottom limit to match your personal preferences.

Also available from First Choice Blinds app control

  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • User-friendly setup process using Wi-Fi
  • Control your blinds in groups or individually from anywhere
  • In very large homes, simply install multiple Smart Controllers
  • Set schedules on a specific time, sunset or sunrise times
  • Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

First Choice Blinds have the perfect window roller blinds to enhance your windows with style, functionality, and a stylish collection of colour options that effortlessly reduce glare and ensure daytime privacy. Our made-to-measure roller blinds are crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect fit for almost any window, incorporating clean lines and select features for effortless control.

Choose from a whole host of options, including patterned blackout roller blinds and magic screen roller blinds, for the ultimate combination of light control and a great night’s sleep. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, our new roller blinds provide durability, long-lasting performance, and incredible prices.

Our Standard Roller Blinds are the ideal roller blind system for small to medium-sized windows, designed to gently filter light and offer a drill-free option for easy installation. Simple measure for roller blinds, order and install, they are available at a competitive price that you’ll love!

– Small to Medium-Sized Windows: Up to 2.4m wide.
– Simple Chain Operation: with Child Safety devices
– Fabulous Fabrics: Choose from a wide range of fabrics from leading brands

Pelmets for roller blinds, often seen as a decorative addition, play a crucial role in concealing the mechanical parts of blinds, offering a sleek and tidy appearance and reverse roll functionality. So do not forget to incorporate a pelmet into your window treatment.

Whether you’re looking for small natural roller blinds or large striped roller blinds to make a statement, our collection offers a variety of sizes, patterns, and designs suitable for almost any window.At First Choice Blinds  experience the convenience of buying waterproof roller blinds and thermal roller blinds, featuring patterns and styles that match any decor. Transform your windows today!

Select features in a roller blind fabric below and measure for premium roller blinds by entering your sizes for a price, ensuring a roll that fits perfectly to your wall or window frame.

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