Roller Blinds Dublin

First Choice Blinds  is a family run Irish Business, manufacturing blinds.

We have a team of dedicated and professional staff at your service and provide a reliable and quality service.

We are based in south County Dublin, for over 25 years.

First Choice Blinds roller window blinds are a popular and versatile window covering option, suitable for various interior settings. They are known for their simplicity, ease of use, and sleek appearance. Roller blinds come in a range of types, each offering different features, materials, and functionalities to suit various preferences and needs. Here are some common types of roller window blinds:

  1. Standard Roller Blinds: These are the most basic form of roller blinds, consisting of a single piece of fabric that rolls up onto a tube. They are operated by a pull cord or a sidewinder mechanism and can be made from various materials including light-filtering, blackout, and waterproof fabrics.
  2. Blackout Roller Blinds: Specifically designed to block out light, these blinds are perfect for bedrooms or any rooms where you require darkness. They are made with a dense, opaque fabric that prevents light from passing through.
  3. Thermal Roller Blinds: These blinds by First Choice Blinds are designed to improve insulation in a room, helping to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are made with thermal fabrics or have a special coating that reflects heat.
  4. Day and Night (Zebra) Blinds: These innovative blinds combine opaque and translucent striped fabrics that can be aligned in different ways to control light and privacy. By adjusting the position of the stripes, you can let in light, enjoy complete privacy, or find a balance between the two.
  5. Motorised Roller Blinds: First Choice Blinds motorised blinds offer the ultimate convenience as they can be operated with a remote control, a smart device, or even voice commands through a smart home system. They are ideal for hard-to-reach windows or for adding a touch of luxury.
  6. Printed Roller Blinds: These are standard roller blinds that feature printed designs, patterns, or even custom images. They are a great way to add a personal touch or visual interest to a room or shop.
  7. Waterproof Roller Blinds: Specially designed for First Choice Blinds for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-moisture areas, these blinds are made from water-resistant materials that are easy to wipe
  8. clean and maintain.

When choosing roller blinds, consider the room’s specific needs, such as light control, privacy, insulation, and aesthetics. With the wide variety of types and options available, you can easily find roller blinds that perfectly match your requirements and decor style

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