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                                             Window Blinds For Schools, Nurseries & Universities

At First Choice Blinds we have years of experience in the education sector having worked in lots of schools and universities throughout Dublin and surrounding areas.

Our knowledge in providing tailored blind solutions for halls, classrooms, kitchens, science labs, offices and staff areas help us to advise the right window blinds for each school.

We have experience in providing small and large school blinds to schools across Dublin and surrounding areas so you know you can trust us to provide the perfect solution for you.

Call us on 01-4416366, or request an appointment with a local adviser today for a free consultation. 

Contact us to discuss your school classroom blinds s requirements. We will assess the size, type of windows to provide a solution that meets your exact specification. Call us today to find the right blinds for your school/university!

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Blinds for Schools and the Education Sector

Whether you are a Nursery, toddler group, primary school, secondary school or part of a higher education establishment, your building will no doubt require some sort of blinds.

Be it in a staff room, the offices, a computer room or lab, the requirements will vary.

Some of the practical reasons include privacy, controlling heat and/or sunlight, dimout or blackout requirements essential for viewing screens and projectors, managing distraction, etc.

We offer blind products that are more suited to your needs being hard wareing, long lasting and generally more robust.

We also can source most requests for spares, and can service and repair the majority of window blinds.

We offer both manual and motorised blinds.

Safety First New Laws being Introduced

This information is particularly relevant for establishments with younger children, toddlers and infants, although the law will apply to all public installations. So if you are a nursery, toddler group or primary school, you will no doubt be aware of the dangers caused by looped control cords on window blinds. It is therefore of paramount importance that all cords are kept well away from the young, and that suitable safety measures and devices are in place. Later this year, 2013, new laws will come into force which will dictate that we are unable to install any blinds with looped cords that do not have a child safety device or mechanism also fitted. Are all of your blinds safe? Do you maybe need some more safety advice Would you like to have any non-compliant blinds replaced or have child safety devices fitted? If so please do give us a call and find out more.

Your Local blinds company

When it comes choosing blinds for your school you want to have the knowledge and experience of a reputable company that can service your requirements in a prompt and efficient manner. Being local helps us to be both reactive and effient. We are based in Dublin and have supplied and fitted blinds in schools all over Dublin  and we cover a large area. Schools have blinds for the comfort of their pupils and teachers and support staff, to improve the dÉcor and working environment, to reduce glare on computer screens, to reduce solar gain and save energy, and to look the part. Blind Technique have a lot of experience and know-how having fitted blinds into schools ranging from smaller privately run nurseries to large secondarys and academies with multiple classrooms, offices and floors and differing requirements for each. We also understand that your school is a busy place of work and as such we are sensitive to your requirements regarding the time of installation and noise issues and will therefore work with you to minimise any disruption.

Blind Repairs and Maintenance

Not always is it necessary to incur the expense of buying a new blinds when there is the option to refurbish, repair . In busy schools with constant use and sometimes incorrect operation, we understand that it is inevitable that blinds will get damged, need cords replaced, tear or stop working. We are often able to repair blinds on site, though if not they can usually be taken down and brought back to our factory workshop for attention. Vertical Blinds for example may only require replacement parts or louvres.  we can recover with new fabric if the mechanism and hardware is in good working order, or if you require a change of design or customised signwriting. We already maintain the blinds for a number of establishments Schools, and we can of course work at suitable times when rooms are free or during holidays or weekends.

Find out more about our school blinds & services

  • New Blinds – Professionally Installed
  • Safety Advice and Devises Installed
  • Servicing and Repairs
  • Robust systems, sturdy materials, and tough fabrics that are hard wareing and practical

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