Wood Venetian Blinds Dublin

First Choice Blinds are manufactured to the highest standards our wood blinds and components promote a distinct design edge.Our smooth grained timber comes in a range of natural wood shades and contemporary painted finishes allowing for a superior styling that’s pleasing to the eye



First Choice Blinds Product Specification:

Manufactured to the highest standards our wood blinds and components promote a
distinct design edge.

  • Customised Width – either finished size or recess allowed
  • Customised Height (“Drop”) – finished to nearest string pitch + 1 extra slat
  • Robust aluminium head rail
  • Cord tilt control (left-only) & Cord lift control (right-only)
  • Matching valance as standard – uncut or cut to specified length
  • Valance returns available on request
  • Safety cleats for excess cord as standard.
  • First Choice Blinds Wood blinds comply with all window covering legislation and meet European safety standards EN 13120: 2009


Product Guarantee: 

Wood Venetian Blinds are NOT Blackout Blinds.

Natural Wood Slats:  May contain variations in grain, base colour and texture. There is a possibility of some minor warping of slats. These natural characteristics are not considered a fault in the timber.

Colour: Variation is possible from batch to batch. Whilst we try to complete orders from the same batch,
if this is not possible the closest match will be supplied. If blinds are used for Bay Window sets or are Side-by-
Side this must be notified at the time of ordering.

Colour Fading: The U.V. protective coating applied on the slats is guaranteed for 1 year from date of production.Beyond that period some deterioration or fading may occur depending on local conditions.

Tapes:  Are made from a mixture of fibres and are not guaranteed against colour fading.

Operating Components: Headrails, mechanisms, cords etc. are guaranteed for 2 years from date of production, subject to normal use and general wear & tear. Any re-assembly, cutting, trimming or alterations not carried out by First Choice Blinds  Blinds, may invalidate this guarantee.

Child Safety: All  First Choice Blinds are designed with Child Safety in mind to ensure that they can be operated in a safe manner to protect your children and pets. Unrestrained cords, loops and chains are a potential hazard to young children who may become entangled in them. To avoid this possibility we do not use chains or hazardous loops in the manufacture of specification of our natural wood blinds and we supply safety cleats as standard with every wood blind, along with recommendations for safe use.  First Choice Blinds comply with all window covering leglisation and meet European safety standards EN 13120:+A1:2014


100% Waterproof

faux wood blind has the ability to feel modern and fresh as well as cosy and traditional. It’s an all-round superstar.

As well as this endless beauty, it hosts a whole lot of practical features too. The fact that they’re faux wood makes them even stronger, even more durable, even more versatile. Thinking of dressing a bathroom or kitchen with these? That’s no problem at all!


First Choice Blinds Made to Measure Window Blinds Premium Quality at Affordable Prices

At First Choice Blinds our ranges of made to measure blinds are sold exclusively. We are proud to manufacture over 200 blinds every week, made to measure in Dublin from our state of the art facility in the heart of South Dublin, using the finest materials and proven manufacturing techniques. Your customer satisfaction and peace of mind is our priority.

SO CALL NOW 01-4416366 OR 0860499552

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