Motorised Blinds / Wood Blinds / Roller Blinds

Motorised Blinds by First Choice Blinds…….
Automation has now become very affordable. With a vast range of electric and battery operated rails and blinds you can achieve a modern edge with timeless style. Make your home work for you at the touch of a button. Cut out light and sound.
All our controls are simple and intuitive so that everyone can make use of this technology. Our expert fitters program your system to suit your needs .Choose from a simple remote control that lets you control your blinds individually or in groups to twilight trackers which will close curtains and blinds all year round at twilight. Your always at home even when your away !
Our rechargeable battery operated motorised blinds are so affordable now and are a perfect solution for many homes .

Wooden Blinds By First Choice Blinds

Our basic budget friendly range comes in a huge range of colours. Perfectly designed and a fantastic quality. They are available in35 and 50 mm slats, with or without tapes.

Also dress your windows with our luxurious but affordable wooden blinds for the design conscious customer.
Available in natural woods and the latest paint colours from natural creams to taupes and greys.

Moterised wooden blinds both battery and hardwired available .

Roller Blinds by First Choice Blinds

also called roller shades, are made from a single panel of fabric that rolls down from a top bar. They also feature a weighted bottom bar that ensures the blind doesn’t blow around when it’s closed.

Because these blinds are made of fabric, they’re available in a lot of colour options and in whimsical prints. You can find roller blinds made from blackout fabric, light-filtering voile fabrics and two-layer day-and-night fabrics.

If you opt for day-and-night blinds, you’ll have more control over the amount of light in your room. The light control you get is similar to what you’d experience with horizontal blinds. When the two layers of fabric line up, light is able to filter in through the sheer mesh part of the fabric. When you pull the blinds so the fabric layers aren’t aligned, the solid portions of the fabric stack up to block out light.

With blackout or voile roller blinds, your only light control options will be raising or lowering the blinds.

Pros: This window treatment offers lots of styling options, from colours and prints to different fabrics. You can choose between blackout or light-filtering fabrics, and many roller blinds wipe clean, making them easy to care for.

Cons: Even day-and-night roller blinds don’t offer as much light control as horizontal blinds because you can’t angle them to direct light around your room.

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